Pharmacy Shipping

The Leading Pharmacy Shipping and Manifesting Software

GlobalShip, an enterprise-class, multi-carrier shipping solution, has been the leader in pharmacy shipping and manifesting for over 20 years. Providing a single point of execution for shipments, GlobalShip simplifies the shipping workflow and reduces overall cost.

Integrate with Your Pharmacy Systems

Integrate easily with your ERP, WMS, and eCommerce applications to centralize and automate your shipping management.

Rate Shop

Find the best shipping option based on dimensions, projected time of delivery, accessorials, and available carriers.

Automate Your Workflows

Reduce the risk of costly errors by eliminating manual data entry with integrations, business rules, and barcode scanning.

Benefit from Time in Transit Intelligence

Gain data visibility and know how long it takes for a shipment to arrive at its destination once it has been sent out.

Receive Proof of Delivery

Track your shipments across multiple transportation modes to improve the customer experience and handle issues promptly.

Save Time and Money

Automate your processes and manage your shipping needs from a single server, minimizing mistakes so you pay less.

Improve your profitability and efficiency with the industry’s best enterprise-class, multi-carrier solution for pharmacies.

Address Verification

Ensuring the correct medications reach the right individuals is crucial for maintaining patient safety and well-being. Address verification is essential in minimizing the risk of misdelivery or package loss. In addition, accurate address verification contributes to compliance with regulatory requirements where patient privacy and data security are paramount.


Prioritizing address verification will help your healthcare organization enhance patient care, minimize risks, and uphold the highest standards of medication management and delivery. Our CASS certified Address Validation module eliminates the need for you to manually check and correct addresses.

How It Works

Submit an address

Provide the full destination address including the unit, street, city, state, zip, and country.

GlobalShip validates the address

Our API reviews the address and corrects or flags it using our worldwide database.

Ship with confidence

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your parcel is headed to a valid destination.

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