GlobalShip FAQ


Logicor designs and develops software that automates and streamlines order fulfillment and shipment execution for companies using FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, Purolator, Canada Post, LTL and TL carriers, and many more. The Logicor suite of applications integrate seamlessly into an organization’s existing supply chain, ERP system, order management, WMS, and e-commerce applications.

What market does Logicor serve?

Logicor helps business shippers of all sizes that need a scalable multicarrier shipping solution.

How long has Logicor been in business?

Logicor has been in business since 1995.

What is Logicor’s ownership structure?

Logicor is privately held and is independent of all carriers and integrations.

What solutions does Logicor offer?

The Logicor product line consists of GlobalShip for Windows and Linux platforms, GlobalShip iSeries for IBM, and LogiCOM for integrations with Windows-based third-party products.

How are GlobalShip and GlobalShip iSeries supported?

Logicor supports GlobalShip directly, leveraging state-of-the-art Help Desk technology at our Mesa, AZ headquarters.

How does Logicor compare with other shipping software providers?

Logicor prides itself on offering shipping solutions to meet each of our clients’ unique shipping and support requirements. While many features deploy “out of the box,” our ability to tailor a shipping solution to your needs sets us apart.

How is GlobalShip sold?

Logicor sells GlobalShip directly and it is also available through select ERP/WMS/OMS partners.

How can I obtain pricing?

GlobalShip is scalable, and its modular design can be a cost-effective tool for businesses of all sizes. A Logicor representative can consult with you to quickly evaluate your needs and provide pricing guidance.

What carriers do you support?

Support is available for virtually all national and regional carriers.

How can I save money by using Logicor software?

There are several areas where GlobalShip may provide ROI.

– Shipping costs – GlobalShip rate shopping and business rules can be used to automatically select the lowest cost carrier and delivery mode to reduce shipping costs.

– Process improvements – The automation GlobalShip provides translates into tangible savings in reduced training time and improved employee efficiency, accountability, and accuracy throughout the fulfillment process.

– IT – Time and resources can be saved in IT by managing all of your carriers, shipping, and reporting for all users and shipping stations from a single server and multicarrier workstations.

– Intangibles –  These can be harder to quantify but potentially significant. What would a shipping mistake that could have been prevented with GlobalShip cost in terms of customer satisfaction, lost product, costs to reprocess and ship again, potential liability, etc.? What would the benefit be in customer satisfaction if GlobalShip sent an email with shipment information to each customer?