Shipping Solutions

Multi-Carrier Shipping Solution Software

Logicor’s enterprise-class, multi-carrier shipping software, solves the complex shipping challenges of businesses across a wide range of industries. With a Logicor solution, you establish a single point of execution for all small package (DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS), LTL, and TL shipments — not only simplifying shipping practices, but also reducing your overall cost.

Logicor has multiple shipping software solutions to benefit a variety of needs across enterprise businesses.

Transportation Management with Logicor

Logicor’s Transportation Management Software (TMS) solutions and services integrate with your supply chain, streamline your processes, and ultimately drive profitability for your business. In the supply chain execution world, response time is everything. If your shipping software isn’t fast enough, isn’t connected to your business systems, or doesn’t allow you to effortlessly work with multiple carriers, it’s slowing you down.

Our TMS manages all of your supply chain resources, reduces shipping-related spending, streamline order fulfillment processing, allocates resources efficiently, speeds up parcel delivery timelines, and more:

  • Demand planning systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  • Material Handling Systems (MHS)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Business-critical Systems Integration
  • Multi-Carrier Shipping Software Management

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Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

In addition to the standard benefits of increased inventory accuracy, improved space utilization, enhanced customer service, and reduced operational and labor costs, Logicor’s enterprise-class, multi-carrier shipping solutions provide exclusive competitive advantages:

Total Integration:

Fully integrate your shipping department into your supply chain to electronically connect with all of your customers, partners, suppliers, and transportation providers.

Modular System Architecture:

The flexible design of GlobalShip and GlobalShip iSeries allows your system to grow with your business. Install modules collectively or separately as needed to meet the changing needs of your enterprise.

Packaged Software Solutions:

Easily configure your shipping operation to fit your precise requirements without expensive customization.

Comprehensive Service and Support:

With 97 percent of Logicor users on continuing maintenance plans, our clients receive updates such as carrier rate updates, added service levels and label changes, and phone and Web-based technical support, documentation, and training.

With Logicor, you can be sure that your shipping solution functions with industry best-practices in mind.

  • Stay current with the most recent carrier compliance changes for all major carriers
  • Optimize carrier selection using customer-specific carrier rate shopping rules
  • Deploy a uniform browser interface across all locations to reduce confusion and training costs
  • Provide the ultimate in flexible rates within diverse shipping scenarios

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Your Platform; Logicor Software.

A high-performance, server-based solution that integrates with your Microsoft platform

Connects distribution centers and desktop users to carriers and eCommerce

Modular and scalable design allows the system to fit your current needs and continually grow with your business

Provides all the features of GlobalShip while integrating seamlessly with your IBM systems

Leverage your existing iSeries technology. Written natively utilizing the latest enhancements to the RPG development language from IBM, so there is no need to buy additional servers

Accessible from any enabled 5250 workstation on your network