GlobalShip iSeries

Say hello to Seamless Shipping Management Integration

The GlobalShip iSeries product takes advantage of your powerful IBM systems to provide a centralized shipping management solution, decreasing time-to-train and increasing employee and customer satisfaction. GlobalShip iSeries decreases handling, improves product flow-through, and streamlines order tracking. Using pre-set automated shipping rules reduces errors throughout the fulfillment process, decreasing your cost-per-package.

Shipping management solutions for your IBM platform GlobalShip iSeries delivers a best-in-class, multi-carrier shipping system that streamlines your enterprise by integrating seamlessly with your IBM networking solutions and existing warehouse devices. The GlobalShip iSeries, developed for IBMs native RPG architecture, decreases your cost-per-package and provides intuitive, standardized interfaces. Our modular, customizable solution is the logical choice for integrating your entire shipping management platform.

Integrated Solutions

  • Simple API tools to integrate with your business systems
  • Integrates with scales, conveyors, RF scanners, and other peripheral devices for a hands free environment without data entry errors.
  • Supports unlimited companies, users, and locations.
  • Designed to integrate with all Order Entry Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), or Warehouse Management System (WMS) using real-time technology
  • No additional database or master files need to be maintained with GlobalShip iSeries
  • Automate and mistake-proof your shipping using business rules.

Centralized Management

  • Rate shopping engine compares carriers to find the lowest price every time for Parcel and LTL for your customers
  • Unified, multi-carrier interface simplifies both training and shipping execution
  • Optional deployment in black-box mode simplifies tasks to reduce confusion and leverages your current ERP/WMS
  • Maintains certifications with all major parcel carriers
  • Generates Bills of Lading for your LTL shipments

GlobalShip iSeries™ Architecture

Streamlined shipping management

Manage items that are being packed in what box with Pack Manager

Track your shipments and trace operations across multiple transportation modes

Manage your compliance for both ASN and UCC 128 certifications.

Simplify your Parcel and LTL shipping and reduce cost across all carriers

Consolidate shipments using parameters such as address, carrier, service type, etc.

Automate customs documentation using the International Forms module

Integrate with complete confidence.

Your existing IBM business systems and software contain a wealth of corporate information, and they work for you. With Logicor, there is no need to replace these solutions. GlobalShip iSeries is written natively utilizing the latest enhancements to the RPG development language from IBM, so there is no need to buy additional servers.

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Customer support that delivers satisfaction.

You can’t afford for your shipping solution to suffer from poor customer support. At Logicor, we are committed to providing world-class support for our clients from the smallest business integration to the largest enterprise-wide solution.

  • On-site configurations and support
  • Remote, peer-to-peer support
  • Experts ready to take your call, 24×7
  • Web-based documentation and training
  • Automated issue-tracking and escalation​